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seafood modern menu

Starters (select 3 out of 5)

  • Leafy salad with smoked salmonlime foam and pomegranate water

  • Octopus carpaccio with beluga lentilsvioletlocal sea-weed and citrus notes

  • Sautéed prawn with avocado cream, chilly and pickled celery

  • Cured salmon with soy ginger dipping  souse

  • Fresh deep fried shrimps with an assortment of dips


  • Catch of the day fish - Filleted fish with squid in orzo and dill oil

Dessert (select 1 out of 2)

  • Diced fruit salad with a hint of almond and citrus sorbe

  • Strawberry pavlova trifle



Price: 50€ / person   |   Minimum persons: 7

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Starters (select 3 out of 5)

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