In a particularly beautiful and well thought out area, there are a total of 10 tennis courts:

• 4 layers of the 9-layer synthetic mat with the SUPER-SOFT PRO TURF system, category 3 (MEDIUM-FAST), ensuring the player's comfort, perfect bounce and proper ball speed.

• 2 clay pitches with a finished surface of baked clay and various impurities, which delivers unique features and unrivaled gaming feel as the pitch is more relaxing for the player and more friendly to the joints.

• 4 mini tennis.

The courts have been approved by the World Tennis Federation (ITF) and are made by the best professionals in the field. The latest ITF training courses, PLAY & STAY and TENNIS 10S, which means "Play and Learn", are implemented.

With rich equipment tailored to the needs and abilities of both young children and adults, with exercises and games played through excitement missions, tennis players assimilate better technical and motor skills, and from the very first day are capable of serving, rallying and count points.

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4, Kondylaki str. GR 73133, Koynoypidiana, Chania, Greece 


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