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Dreamy holidays was always our goal while planning a trip. That is how the idea came up. When we plan our holidays we want to experience most of the place we are visiting. Meet new people and their culture, explore new places, learn new things, taste local flavors, enjoy nature, create new experiences and of course relax and fill our batteries. So when we return home we have created a memory that will last long in our minds and heart. DreamVillasCrete is a project created to serve this purpose. Dedicated to providing high quality and unforgettable holidays that will stay forever in your minds and hearts!


Alleys of Chania
Traditional cretan food

What we do


To achieve offering unique services, after your contact, one of us will be your travel consultant, who will be assisting you for everything you may need during your vacation.



By understanding how precious your vacation time is, our concierge service can take care of any arrangements you need organised, prior to your holiday.


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Local hosts, priceless experiences

4, Kondylaki str. GR 73133, Koynoypidiana, Chania, Greece 

E-mail: info@dreamvillascrete.com

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