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Tours & Cruises


Sunset Boat Trips

If you love luxury, stop here and check out our yachts.​​

Feel the fresh wind on your hair, cruising the Mediterranean drinking champagne and experience an unforgettable voyage aboard a luxury yacht.


Sea By Bus

Crete is a blessed island. Thousands of meters of coastline create a scenery of unique beauty. Mix with the locals, discover Crete’s authentic culture and get in touch with what the island has to offer. All the above features, combined with the safety and the comfort of our buses, create memorable trips around the coastline of the biggest island in Greece.


Boat Trips

Rent a boat in Crete to discover Balos beach, the breathtaking coastline and the surrounding islands.

Escape into the blue and feel the true magic of the Mediterranean sea.


Jeep Tours

Do you think that Crete is all about the sea? Book a Jeep tour and reserve a place away from urban centres, taste local products, understand our culture and realize how adventure, hospitality, professionalism, pure untouched areas and unique views look like.

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Sunset Boat Trips

Who doesn't want a boat trip that offers a sunset on board of our boat with our specially made Spotify list for sunset trips?

Cherish this moment with your loved one and surprise them with the best gift for your vacation in Crete.


Wine Tasting

In order to live the awesome Wine Tasting Crete experience, you need to choose the right people. 
You need to choose carefully the people who will take over to guide you in the secrets and the flavors of Cretan Wines.

Explore more in our local winery tours.

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