Crete has a huge range of enticing trips, fun adventures and exciting things to do on both land and sea - just see for yourself.



Our means to escape is a Sailing boat that can let you feel the fresh wind of the Mediterranean blow your mind.
Whichever sailing trip you choose you will surely enjoy a full sailing experience in the open sea as you will be our crew and we will set the course of our trip together.





Have you ever dreamt of how it would be to fly? Imagine how cool it would be to fly over the best beaches of Crete.

Fly with us as a passenger in a tandem paragliding and let yourself feel strong emotions of joy and freedom.




Buggy Tours

Give yourself the chance for a unique experience. Visit historical and natural scenery and explore real Crete away from the touristic crowded sites.

Create unique vacation memories and enrich your photo album with photographs from Crete’s paths less travelled!




Horse Riding

If you've ever climbed onto a horse at the end of a bad day, then you know how a long ride can turn that day right around. Horseback riding is known for being therapeutic, and there's no one who would agree with this statement more than riders themselves.




Water Sports

Enjoy windsurfing lessons in Elafonisi or surfing lessons in Falasarna. Both locations are 2 of the best beaches in Crete, offering crystal clear water and pink sand comprising an exotic scenery found only in a few places on earth.




Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is perhaps the best way to explore the fantastic underwater world, getting close with the wonders and the secrets of the marine universe, with it's breathtaking colorful and diverse inhabitants.​Visit the best places in Chania to dive with the Family and kids. Discover the underwater world of the island.





Do you think that Crete is all about the sea? Check out what a day in the mountains can bring...​

Riding through hidden trails, we ascend to Crete's most unspoiled mountain regions.

It is not a competition but fun instead. 





Tennis is a lifelong sport, which provides many physical, psychological and social advantages and benefits for players of all ages.​ Swing the racket for the first time under the guidance of our professional trainer or work on your forehand, backhand and serve on your tennis holiday.

The whole family will love it!




Kayak & Hike

Active holiday hinters, STOP HERE! If you are searching for an experience that will stay in your minds for a long time, you are just one step away. Explore Crete through kayaking and hiking and live one week full of freedom and adventure.



yoga 2.jpg


Give yourself a wellness holiday and the chance to really relax. Wellness is about reflection, appreciating yourself, and nurturing responsibility for yourself. Finding relaxation leads to inner reflection, well being and healthy physique. 

Practice a variety of yoga exercises during your holiday and place yourself on the path to peaceful relaxation.