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Escape into the Blue

Rent a boat in Crete to discover Balos beach, the breathtaking coastline and the surrounding islands.


Escape into the blue and feel the true magic of the Mediterranean sea.

Manolis - Aggelos.jpg


Max. People: 10

Manolis - Agelos is famous for its safety because of its two strong engines. It can easily travel long-distances with a capacity of 10 people having the comfort of moving around the boat freely.



Max. People: 6

Rovinsonas is a very comfortable boat for your private boat trip in Crete with a capacity of 6 people.
Its Diesel engine provides an alternative with a more economic choice of travelling and exploring the surroundings of the island.



Max. People: 9

Nathainail is a boat that allows you to sail the sea in Crete with any weather conditions. It is safe and stable that makes you feel comfortable at sea. In fact, it has a chemical toilet and a tent, which you can use to sleep on board. 

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