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If you love luxury, stop here and check out our yachts.​

Feel the fresh wind on your hair, cruising the Mediterranean drinking champagne and experience an unforgettable voyage aboard a luxury yacht.

Cruising is something that you should do at least once in a lifetime. Live that experience in Greek unique coastline by choosing one of our luxury boats and one of our recommended dreamy destinations. 

Luxury cruises DreamVillasCrete


Max. People: 12

This magnificent high-performance motor yacht, with its own captain and crew, offers the perfect cruise for you and your guests. It gives you the chance to intimately explore the beautiful island of Crete and the surrounding Greek islands in the hypnotizing deep blue waters of the Aegean and East Mediterranean Sea.

Sweet waters beach


Max. People 12

A cruise to tropical beaches of S, hidden bays and fishing villages where cars don't exist.



Max People: 10

Enjoy the outdoors on this luxury yacht's decks by sunbathing, dining or drinking your favorite drinks while indulging the scenic views of Creta-Chania coasts. As a small luxury yacht, you can access all secluded beaches and coves that larger yachts find difficult to explore.
The interior is equally impressive with a luxurious design. TV and WIFI provide a feel of “home away from home” on board.



Max. People 7

Axopar is a boat that allows you to sail the sea in Crete with any weather conditions. It is safe and stable that makes you feel comfortable at sea. Enjoy the vastness of the Mediterranean and feel the freedom of the wind blowing your hair.

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