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We love sailing and we have a vast 22-year sailing experience having won the Aegean International Sailing Rally six times.


Try your hand at sailing, if you wish, as we enjoy the turquoise, crystal clear waters of Crete swimming or snorkelling. The sense of isolation and privacy a sailing trip offers is unique as we approach famous beaches and see them at their best.


Having the largest sailing yacht in Chania enables us to organize multi-day trips without limitations, exploring the calmness of the pure coastline in the Southern part of Crete.

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Daily trip to the top coasts

Sailing trip: Sfakia, Sweet Water beach, Saint Paul beach, Samaria gorge, Marmara, Loutro

Our sailing daily trip covers about 20 miles and we sail together for about 7 hours, in the turquoise, crystal clear waters of South Chania. What is amazing is that some of the most beautiful and isolated beaches of South Crete are so close.

Setting off in the morning from the port of Sfakia (free transfer from your Villa to Sfakia port and back), we will stop firstly at Sweet Water beach for a dive. Then we will continue our sailing daily trip to the open sea heading to the isolated beach of Saint Paul beach. There you will enjoy a traditional Cretan snack called "dakos", prepared with organic Cretan products. Our next stop will be at the exit of the Samaria gorge, at the nice beach of Agia Roumeli.

After a "boat made" meal we will approach the amazing natural bay of Marmara standing at the exit of the Aradena gorge. Our last swim will be in the afternoon at the picturesque bay of Loutro, tasting some delicious fruit. During our trip, you will really feel relaxed and you will have a sense of isolation and privacy. Our yacht is the only one in South Chania. Moreover, due to the high mountains just above us, we will be fully protected from the strong winds from the north, eliminating the possibility of your excursion being cancelled.

***The duration of the cruise can be optimized according to your needs.


Sailing trip around Chania

You don't need to go far to admire the beauties of the northern side of the Chania region. Setting sail from the Venetian harbour of Chania we will head east towards the beaches of Macherida and Kalathas. The starting point is within walking distance from the town of Chania.

We will enjoy the sea, the crystal clear waters and we will have some fruit before sailing again towards wider horizons. We will get to the open sea of the Chania bay so as to admire the view from the "other side" and to get a fresh breeze that will give us both thrills and will boost our sails for good.

After 10 miles we will approach the island of Saint Theodore which hosts the rare species of the Cretan chamois. There you will be able to admire their graceful moves on the sharp, steep rocks.

In 1930 the local municipality decided to make the island a nature reserve. It was in 1935 that Theodoros Viglis caught one male and to female Kri-Kri in Samaria Gorge and released them on the island so that they could breed with integrity since no other goats inhabited the island. This initial small community of Kri-Kri was too small to prevent inbreeding and more Kri-Kri were introduced to the community.

On the southern side of the island we will anchor to dive in the crystal green waters and after having a light meal we will return sailing to the Venetian harbour of Chania.


*The duration of the cruise can be optimized according to your needs.


Sunset sailing trip

It is a unique experience to end your day with a sunset sailing trip in the south of Crete. 

We can start from the port of Sfakia or from the village of Loutro to travel on our sails open to the Libyan sea. The image of the sun setting is something to remember as nothing beats the magic of witnessing the sun diving in the open sea in perfect tranquillity and solitude.

Our sunset sailing trip will be completed after the night falls and we start feeling the evening sea breeze. It is a great choice for those with limited time or for those who want to have their first experience been on a sailing boat while exploring some of the most famous places of the island. The magnificent coast of the south Crete is a must for all travellers!


*The duration of the cruise can be optimized according to your needs.

Booking policy

Deposit 50% to confirm booking

All accounts to be cleared up on the arrival on the spot



Should the client wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed as follows:

  • 8 or more weeks before the trip - full refund

  • 15 days to 8 weeks - 50% of the deposit

  • Up to 15 days - no refund

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