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Transfer & rent a car

Getting to your villa

We can arrange your transportation to your Villa.

Price depends on your villa location.

V.I.P. & Conference Transfers


We offer luxury vehicles giving prestige to your business trips in Crete. Our drivers are fully trained and offer safe transportation, confidentiality and consistency in any area requested by the client.

Ensure a strong presence with your business meetings, always with respect to your needs by offering you high-quality transportation services.


Private Trips


DreamVillas Crete enables you to organize your tours on Crete, just like you imagined them to be. You can enjoy all the attractions of the island at your pace and with the absolute security that our luxury vehicles offer and experienced drivers of the company. Simply tell us about the day you wish to make the trip, destination and number of people and all other details are our responsibility.


Transfers for People with Special Needs

With respect to people with mobility difficulties, Dream Villas Crete can cover their own travels safely. A qualified partner company undertakes the movement of these people around the island of Crete.

Rent a Car


If you would like to rent a car, we offer a discount to all of our guests. The discount depends on the season and car model. You can pick up/drop off the car at the airport or at your villa.


Please submit the form to obtain your coupon code and find your car hire here.

Request your Coupon Code

Coupon Code: dreamvillascrete

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